- April 19, 2020

Are you bored at home and you feel like you’ve scrolled through your phone for hours aimlessly? Or you keep coming downstairs and opening your fridge to grab a bite even if you’re not hungry? Well, you’re in luck, read our 50 boredom busters to cure your boredom.

  1. Make ice cream. Now more than ever nobody wants to get in a car and drive to the ice cream store. Save yourself some coin and make it at home.
  2. Go online shopping. It’s so addicting and will really keep you busy for hours. Never though it will take me 6 hours on Amazon to decide which pair of jeans to purchase. I mean you’ve got straight, boyfriend, flared styles and much more. This activity rhymes with the moment as it occupies time.
  3. Play with your makeup. We can’t all become James Charles overnight…it takes lots of practice to slay a cut crease.
  4. Make Origami. This Japanese paper folding art can really capture your heart, it’s also SO soothing and calming.
  5. Organize or clean up your room. Now that you’ve got so much time on your plate, why not get it over with. It won’t even take that long once you get it going while playing your Spotify playlist.
  6. Make tie dye shirts. Update your style and customize some of your outfits with tie dye. It is such a fun process that brings out your creativity.
  7. Reconnect and facetime with your family. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, take advantage of the time on your hands to make a WhatsApp video call to your cousin living on the East side of Istanbul.Reconnect and facetime with your family. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, take advantage of the time on your hands to make a WhatsApp video call to your cousin living on the East side of Istanbul.
  8. Reconnect and facetime with your family. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, take advantage of the time on your hands to make a WhatsApp video call to your cousin living on the East side of Istanbul.
  9. Write poems. Right now, is the ideal time to express your emotions through poetry and cure your writer’s block. Get those creative thoughts flowing and you’ll be following Maya Angelou’s footsteps.
  10. Cook a meal. Who knows maybe you’ll be the next Gordon Ramsey? I never knew that cooking takes time until I succeeded on my third try making Thai curry tofu. Get yourself cooking recipes and have fun learning new dishes. All the time spent in the kitchen will be worth it once your family tastes the tongue-tastic meal.
  11. Practice yoga or meditate. In the current times of stress and disbelief; it’s important to practice relaxation exercises to relieve anxiety and cope with feelings of the unknown.
  12. Draw or paint. You have so much more artistic capability than you credit yourself for. Feel free to draw your heart out on that paper.
  13. Make a mask. There is such a high demand for masks and they’re so rare. Save yourself the frustration of looking for them in stores or online to no avail. Make a simple, effective version at home.
  14. Make a DIY Phone Case. Don’t look at the same clear phone case every day during quarantine. Be creative and put your own spin on it by adding washi tape; glitter; or even go all out with nail polish.
  15. Make whipped coffee. Join in on the new trend and drink a delicious cup of whipped coffee. Spice up the flavor using different kinds of milk and sugar or give it a kick with cinnamon.
  16. Be kind! This one goes without saying, spread positivity instead of hate.
  17. Go in your backyard. A breath of fresh air can’t hurt and, you can even make a beautiful “wee village” garden
  18. Work Out. Get that summer body now while you have time. Chloe Ting has some killer workouts that will get your heart pumping and tone your trouble areas. Do it with a partner and you will feel thrilled to surpass your limits.
  19. Write a bullet journal. Help yourself reflect and meditate during these moments by writing down your feelings in an artistic way . Trust me I know what it feels like to live in a big household…together all day every day.
  20. Train your dog. Don’t you wanna become famous with your furry friend by your side competing in a dog show. There are several dog show training tips and techniques available at the click of a button.
  21. Write a letter. That’s right we’re going old school. Tell your friends and family how much you love and miss them in that personal connecting piece of paper.
  22. Play a sport. Just because you can’t go to practice doesn’t mean you can sit on the couch being lazy. You name it, you’ve got it, hula hooping, table tennis, treadmill workout, basement skateboarding, indoor basketball, fun with archery…
  23. Play hide and seek. Discover all the places where you can now hide from your mom when she tells you to clean your room.
  24. Dress up. Channel your inner Disney princess and act out all your favorite scenes from the movie.
  25. Download online video tutorials. This is the best time to acquire those Adobe Photoshop skills that will take your graphic design style to another level. 
  26. Perform music. Use music as a stress reliever and inspirational channel of your emotions. Unlock your musical creativity with apps such as Figure, Ninja Jamm, and garage band to name a few.
  27. Dance.Get your groove on. Get a two in one deal by having fun and exercising at the same time. You could even record it and post it on YouTube.
  28. Sing your heart out. Take the home mic and nail one of your favorite tunes. Karaoke songs are the best way to entertain yourself and siblings at home, you can even have your friends join online with StarMaker App.
  29. Watch concerts streaming. Some famous artists like John Legend, Alessia Cara, Niall Horan are streaming performances for free online. Enjoy the good music while  lounging in a comfy chair eating homemade popcorn. We just watched “One World” charity concert with live performances and contributions from their homes by Rolling Stones, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Bill Gates, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion and others.
  30. Set up a curling home game. Use unwrapped bars of soap and masking tape to set up your playing field in the hardwood floor areas of the house. The game will keep you active and promote sportsmanship with your siblings.
  31. Organize a party. Decorate your basement and get a boombox ready for the show to begin. You have just turned your house into a clubbing scene full of dancers online and in the house. We call it Zoom party.          
  32. Enjoy virtual trips. Take yourself to a dream vacation in Bora Bora from the comfort of your living room and brag about it to your friends.       
  33. Play video games. Take out your enemies and beat their high score in Fortnite.
  34. Have a Picnic day. Relax and enjoy time with your family in the backyard with entertainment and cool drinks made for the occasion. What a nice way to bond as a family in the shade.
  35. Learn History. Expand your horizons during this down time by grabbing a history book and developing your intellectual awareness of the world. Now, I understand why they call Australia and New Zealand “Down Under”
  36. Treat yourself with a home spa day. Destress yourself by relaxing your body and mind with an aromatherapy shower, refreshing foot mask, and soothing eye treatment.Lay those cucumbers on your eyes and all your troubles are forgotten.
  37. Watch Netflix. Binge watching shows is a great way to occupy your time and save your wallet. But, find out the shows that are binge worthy.
  38. Schedule a to-do-list. Planning your daily schedule and prioritizing tasks are a great way to achieve all your goals and making better use of your time. 
  39. Practice reading. Don’t let your brain fall asleep during quarantine. Rather, take this opportunity to stretch your imaginative mind and strengthen your vocabulary skills by reading your favorites novels.
  40. Play board games. What a good game to foster family dynamics and relationships while building new thinking skills.
  41. Enjoy nature virtually. Download iNaturalist App and connect with nature from the comfort of your bedroom.Whether it’s looking at national parks around the world with its biodiversity; listening to birds chirping in Costa Rica or taking a tour of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil; you are not paying a dime and wearing your favorite Christopher Columbus hat.
  42. Have a 1 Day Digital Detox. Disconnect yourself for a day from all your devices and enjoy the sound of the birds outside, the freedom of thinking without distraction, and finally win that family board game that you never did because of Instagram DMs.
  43. Watch animals shows online.Many zoos and aquariums such as the Cincinnati Zoo, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Elmwood Park Zoo, the Smithsonian National are live streaming shows and that will take away your boredom and sometimes loneliness as you interact with Zebras and Pandas from your bedroom.
  44. Build a fort. Find the inner kid inside of you and go crazy. Make it a getaway when you feel like you’ve been spending too much time with your family.
  45. Go on a scavenger hunt. This is the perfect way to keep your kids away for a while.
  46. Make your own magazine. Vogue’s not the only one that can feature a next top model.
  47. Take virtual museums tours. Google’s Arts and Culture website offers tours of museums throughout the world. How cool!  
  48. Learn new skills. Challenge yourself every day. I participated in a challenge where you must say positive things about yourself instead of focusing on the negative. It has shown me how much more love should be spread in the world rather than hate.
  49.  Go stargazing. Stars haven’t disappeared overnight but maybe your patience has.Go outside and be inspired by their beauty.  
  50. Listen to audio books. This activity is fun and allows you to multitask by working out on the treadmill and running 25 miles without even breaking a sweat.                                                                        

Have fun in confinement and remain safe!

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