Four sisters. Aspiring to make a change in the “global village” in times of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Covid-19, the invisible enemy has altered our way of living and transformed our societies. Little did we know that our spring break from school on March 13, 2020 was unofficially the end of our “on site” school year. As we’ve watched from our living room daily Covid-19 tracking numbers rise continuously, we felt compelled to engage in the global fight against the pandemic to save lives from the confinement of our house. So many people have died and are still dying while jobs and economies have been wrecked because of the deadly virus. Our blog helps spread awareness of COVID-19 across the globe in terms of resources, scientific breakthrough, preventative measures and other features useful to the fight against the pandemic. We are also involved in local communities around the world with our volunteer corps willing to sacrifice their time and energy to contribute to the global cause. Our interactions with communities via blogging and volunteering are used to raise awareness of the deadly virus but also to emphasize the need for collaborative effort against the pandemic. Our motto is “Stronger Together” and through united hands and minds, we will conquer this pandemic.

United we stand against Covid-19

The O Girls